Vivid Cleaners
Vivid Cleaners

The Vivid Cleaners offers professional clothing and suit alterations carried out by our own expert tailor. We undertake wedding dress alterations and suit tailoring alterations and repairs. We are very experienced at working with delicate fabrics such as silk and fine woolens. We carry out alterations to evening dresses, suits, shirts and fur coats.

Examples of our Service Include:

  • Shortening & Lengthening
  • Tapering
  • Waist take-in/let out
  • New Zips, Invisible zips
  • New Pockets
  • Relining
  • Reseats
  • Cuffs / Collars renewed
  • Button holes, buttons moved
  • Shoulder pads renewed
  • Badges Sewn
  • Suede / Leather repairs
  • Curtains relined
  • Curtains: shortened, lengthened
  • School uniforms altered
  • Cushion and curtain making